Maximize Your Efficiency with a Potain Crane

Potain offers several self-erecting tower cranes that reduce the need for manual labor, perform the work of multiple machines, and increase overall jobsite efficiency. See how renting a Potain crane from RMS Rentals can save you time and money by watching the videos below.

For more information on how Potain crane’s can help your business maximize your efficiency, contact Scott Solberg or fill out the form on this page.

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Learn How Potain Cranes Make a Difference

Frager Framing Inc. saves time and money by renting a Potain lgo 85A:

Link Construction and Frama Companies increase productivity with Potain cranes:

How Can Potain Increase Your Jobsite Production?

  • Compact Footprint
    Compact footprint allows the crane to fit on tight jobs.
  • Better Visibility
    Place loads with better visibility.
  • No Foundation Required
    No foundation required for operation.
  • Remote Control Operation
    Wireless remote gives the operator flexibility to move around the job site for better visibility and communication.
  • Quick Setup
    Potain’s self-erecting design allows setup or tear down to be completed fast, less than 8 hours in most cases.
  • Job Site Impacts
    With freestanding outriggers there’s no need for a concrete foundation like traditional tower cranes. Utilizing one tower crane removes the need for multiple telehandlers. reducing traffic around the work area and fuel consumption.

Potain Hup 40-30 Crane

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Potain LGO T130 - RMS Rentals

Potain lgo T 130

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Potain Igo T 85 A - RMS Rentals

Potain lgo T 85 A

Click the button below to download the lgo T 85 A guide!

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